Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Le Repos du Guerrier 1962

German Poster
Size: A1 (23" x 33")
Art by: Hans Braun

Le Repos du Guerrier (also known as "Love on a Pillow", and "Warrior's Rest", the 1962 Roger Vadim French/Italian romantic sex thriller based on the novel by Christiane Rochefort. Starring Brigitte Bardot, Robert Hossein, James Robertson Justice, Jean-Marc Bory, Jacqueline Porel, Jean-Marc Tennberg, Macha Meril, Michel Serrault, and Yves Barsacq.

When the Parisian bourgeois Geneviève Le Theil travels to Dijon to resolve outstanding subjects in the inheritance left by her wealthy aunt, she mistakenly opens the door of another room in the hotel, finding a suicidal near death on the bed. Later Geneviève goes to the hospital and is introduced to Renaud Sarti, the nihilistic alcoholic vagrant she saved. Geneviève falls in love for Renaud and brings him to her apartment in Paris, initiating a destructive, masochistic and corrupt relationship with the abusive man. (imdb)

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