Thursday, August 9, 2012

Marie des Isles, 1959 aka Marie of the Isles

French poster

Marie des Isles, the 1959 Georges Combret French/Italian historical romantic adventure starring Belinda Lee (in the title role), Alain Saury, Folco Lulli, Jaques Castelot, Philippe Hersent.

In 1635, Jacques du Parquet, the nephew of the well known explorer Belain d'Esnambic, enters a tavern in Dieppe, and falls in love with the daughter of the bartender, Marie Bonnard. He knows his noble family would disaprove such a marriage; besides, he is nominated for the post of governor in Martinica. He promised never to forget Marie, but as time goes by, she will accept to marry a rich and unscrupulous man, Monsieur de Saint-André. When her husband is appointed to serve in Martinica as General Commissioner, Marie demands to go with him. At her arrival, all sorts of trouble arrive: pirates take action against travellers and goods, rotten deals set the two officers against each other, and finally jealousy settles to make things worse.(imdb)

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